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The Founder and Originator of "The Funniest Children's Magic Show on Earth" According to Simon aged 5

The Only Thing That Is Right For Us, Is What Is Right For You

The Sign
of Magic
and Fun

Book Contents

At What Age Will My Child Start Enjoying Activity Parties?

When Is The Best Time To Have My Son Or Daughters Party?

Where Should I Have My Fun Party?

Who Should I Invite?

Help! What Should I Book First: Date, Hall Or Entertainer?

What Decorations Thrill Children? Or Do They Even Care?

What Time Should I Set For My Childs Party?

How Soon Before My Party Should I Send Out My Invitations?

The Types Of Entertainment Children Love

“You’re All Going To Get A Lovely Prize”

Are Party Bags An Absolute Must?

The Banquet: What Food Should I Put On?

Best Places To Eat The Food

What About Thank You Notes?

What Age Should I Stop Giving Parties And Start Special Treats?

Pros And Cons Of Booking An Entertainer

The Secret Of Finding A Truly Great Entertainer

Need Further Suggestions, Or Help?