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Here’s How To Get Your Guests To Be So Good At Your Next Children’s Party That You Won’t Believe How Easy It Is  To Run The Event Yourself…­

Or You Can Arrange For The Leading Children’s Entertainer In The Area To Do It For You With Packages Starting From As Little As £150.00 ­

Details Of A Special Surprise Bonus For You Is Also In This Letter…

All Fully Guaranteed – With Interest Free Easy Payment Terms To Make Life Even Easier For You, Here’s How…

Dear Party Arranger,

It’s a parent’s worst nightmare – children turning up at your child’s party and running a mock all over your house, in your bedrooms, tipping toys out and generally not treating your home with the respect that you want, why does it happen and how can you stop it?

Here’s The Two-Part Secret…

  1. Take out of circulation all the distractions, toys, balloons anything that will distract a guest from what you (or your entertainer) are trying to do. Remember nothing is more attractive to a child than another child’s toys.
  2. When children arrive in an unfamiliar place there is a very short window of opportunity, it could be less than 5 seconds usually no longer than 10 seconds, when the guest is deciding what (s)he is going to do next.

That is your chance; you have to engage the youngster in something that they decide is better than anything else they could be doing. If all the children are taking part or watching something they think is great fun – perhaps with some prizes for them to win, then why would they want to be doing anything else?

But What Can That ‘Something’ Be?

It could be anything, a game, a competition or anything great fun and interesting to watch. Mr Mysto does it with a coin routine, the coin disappears and the last person to see that it has gone is Mr Mysto himself – the children are way ahead of him – but it is found in some very funny places, nothing rude or unsavoury, but the children laugh and laugh.

mum and daughter

It Takes A Special Skill To Make Mum Laugh
As Much As Her 4 Year Old Daughter

It does not matter how old the children are, this routine has been refined and improved over 18 ½ years and is now a polished spectacular that the children can join in the moment they arrive, it is designed to absorb children as they walk into the party room.

Getting this part of the party right is the most important part, it sets the ground rules, shows the children what is expected of them, where the boundaries are, but it is done in such a fun way the children make up their own minds this is what they want to do.

Nothing has children doing the right things more effectively than when they make up their own minds they want to do it – it is much better than any adult ‘telling’ them what to do.

‘Good Mode’ – What It Is and Why It Works…

Inexperienced party givers do not always understand the importance of a warm up, but when it is done right it settles the children into what Mr Mysto calls ‘Good Mode’. All children (yours included I’m sure) have some days when they are so good that their parents think, “If you were like this all the time I would have six of you”, because they are so good, they are real fun to have around.

When your guests are in ‘good mode’ at your party it becomes a fun party for everyone, not least the children of course. When you’ve got them into ‘Good Mode’ it is so easy, as any parent knows, to keep them there.

Here’s a Big Tip If You Plan To Run Your Own Party…

Tip: If you are running the party yourself, think up something very special for those first few moments of your party. A big mistake is to think you will “let them run around for a few minutes until they are all there”. This sets children off on the wrong path, they make their own entertainment and that usually involves things that mum and dad (you) find less than desirable.

It is so much harder to get them into ‘good mode’ once they have been off making their own entertainment for even a few minutes; you MUST take control right away, unless of course you want a ‘running around, bumping into things and people party’. In which case make sure your contents insurance is up to date!

So What Happens Next?

Easy - just keep the fun things coming thick and fast for the whole party. Keep lots of variety, no games where children are ‘out’ and have to sit in the corner – the devil makes work for idle hands – and of course lots of prizes for the children to win. Make sure everyone wins something, but don’t actually give out prizes at this stage. Make certain the children (and importantly you) know who’s won and who hasn’t yet.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Give Out Prizes At The End Of Each Activity…

When you give a youngster a prize they either want to eat it or play with it, if they are to eat it, it may spoil their party tea – especially if they are winning lots – if they play with it, it will distract them and other children and stop them joining in the next activity. If one youngster wins a prize it creates the “he’s got one I want one too” syndrome. The winner is reluctant to put the prize down, as they are frightened someone else will pick it up and they may lose it. So in the end another adult takes the prize away again – if you are going to take it away there is little point giving it out in the first place.

Here’s The Easy Solution For You…

The easy thing is to give the winner(s) a marker, Mr Mysto pins a badge on the children every time they win a prize everyone can see who’s won and who hasn’t. You could give a counter for the children to collect. Perhaps five little counters could be swapped for a big counter. Be careful the children don’t put them in their mouths, they are an obvious chocking hazard; they could put their counters on the window ledge by their name.

Collecting things is fun and adds a little competition to help keep the children interested in your next activity.

Have more activities planned than you think you will need, most inexperienced party givers run out, as they think games will last longer than they actually do.

Here’s Is A Simple Alternative Solution To Help You…

If you decide to run the party yourself then good on you, give us a call and we will gladly help you with some games. This free service is our little thank you for reading this letter. If, however, you don’t want to fill the whole party yourself you could have Mr Mysto or one of his gang of great entertainers pop along for the final hour of your party and let you have a breather perhaps after your food break.

Mr Mysto’s show has the children laughing their socks off and makes your child feel a very special young person indeed. Mr Mysto has five age appropriate shows, two with a live bunny production to finish. All shows include his balloon modelling routine, hysterically funny for the children and a monster big balloon model for your party person at the end.

It usually works best if the show is the last part of your party, so that you finish on what most people believe is the highlight, it keeps the children occupied and having fun after their food break.

Tip: Some inexperienced children’s entertainers think that shouting equals entertainment – in my opinion it does not – I guess you wish to see your child and all the guests laughing and participating in the show, so does Mr Mysto. With over 6,800 shows under his belt, he has learnt how to stop the shouting and make the children laugh instead, much more fun for them and one headache less for you.

The cost of this show can be as low as £150 it depends on where your party venue is, how many children you have and when the party is (time and day of week). However, around 90% of our clients who book this one hour mid-week show pay this low entry-level fee.

Easy Payment Terms are available to make life easy for you.

It Is Important That You Know This…

You Are Covered By The Most Famous Guarantee In The Magic Circle Here It Is For You…

If for any reason whatsoever you do not agree Mr Mysto is the best children’s entertainer you have ever seen, that his show is just right for your child and all the guests…that they were laughing and giggling all the way through…that his persona with the children is fun, professional but always in control and you are very pleased you booked him, then simply say so on the day and he will cancel your bill.

Simply put you must join our long list of very happy clients or your show is free.

There will be no questions asked and no hard feelings either.

A Recent Client Letter Says It All…

Dear Mr Mysto

With a bit of delay we would like to thank you for entertaining the kids so nicely at Emma’s party.

I had been so worried about organising our first big birthday party until I saw you at Emma’s friend’s party. Once we had booked you, I knew you would take care of the kids, and you did.

We have been very impressed with your professional service from the first inquiry to the actual show and your efforts to engage even the waiting adults in some of your magic tricks. Nice to see that there is a truly professional magician around who manages to involve even the shyest or most reserved child.

Emma and her friends loved the show, she had one of the greatest days in her life and still enjoys watching the birthday video with the deepest fun and joy.

Thanks a lot for a great party. You are born for this job!!! I can wholeheartedly recommend you.

Kind Regards
Bridget Goulet - Surrey
P.S. Thanks also for helping out with the extra candles

To arrange a one hour show for your forthcoming party simply pick up the phone and call freephone 0800-01 88 118 and we will do the rest.

This ‘no frills’ package and is ideal for parents who…

  • Like to run some of the party themselves, but feel they need a little help.
  • Like to organise their own Party Bags, Invitation and Thank You Notes (or choose not to do them).
  • Choose not to spend a great deal on the party, but still want to make it very special or their children.

Here’s An Easy Solution If Party Organising Is Definitely Not For You…

We are here to help, and have three whole party packages for you to choose from…

The Mysto Economy packages includes…

  • 2 or 2½ hours (we will advise) of fabulous entertainment, including the warm up, an age appropriate magic show and a series of fun, original and varied games. Tell me more about a Mr Mysto Party.
  • FREE Party Bags (if you want them – I advise you use ours it saves you lots of money, not to mention time, hassle and wastage with left over bags) Show me a Mr Mysto Party Bag.
  • FREE Invitations. Show me Mr Mysto’s Economy Invitations
  • Freephone Customer Help Line.
  • FREE Party Plan – sketched timings of the various activities at your party.
  • FREE Party Organiser – So simple but oh so useful – you will love it.
  • FREE Hints & Tips Page – not rules just lots of friendly advice that helps your party be the success you and I both want for your child.
  • FREE Candles for your birthday cake.
  • FREE ‘The Top 10 Ways To Make Your Party Your Party A Success’
  • Mystery FREE gift and another gift on the day.

The price for this whole party package can be surprising low. Simply click here for your personalised quotation.

The Mysto Gold packages includes…

  • Everything in the Mysto Economy package plus
  • Beautiful full colour invitations with all your party information completed for you – saving you time completing his job that normally falls to mum.
  • Double size impressive party bags – these are literally twice the size – see the children’s faces light up when they see these monster party bags.
  • Balloon model for each of the guests to take home – this is the big thing for the children, they are very popular and every child receives a different one.
  • Nice Thank You Post Cards to send to the guests after the party. These have been designed to make it easy for your child to complete and therefore less stress on mum and dad.
  • Lovely Bunny Rabbit stand for the birthday cake routine; make those photos even more special when this beautiful prop is in the picture.


To find the price for this advanced special party which is by far our most popular package simply click here for your personalised quotation.

The Mysto Platinum package is a custom arranged monster extravaganza of a party, you could include some or all of the following…

  • Catering Assistant to look after all the food preparation and clearing up afterward.
  • Custom made birthday cake to any design you wish.
  • Scooby-Doo to deliver the cake and welcome the guests.
  • Personalised name badges for everyone to keep.
  • MONSTER big balloon models – these are bigger than the children!!
  • Hall booking service – if you wish to party away from your home.
  • Your child can (if you wish) keep the bunny rabbit magically produced in the show.
  • Personalised invitations to any theme you wish.
  • Enormous Party Bags – actual they are carrier bags – full of quality toys, magic tricks and sweets.
  • Plus everything our Gold clients receive.


To find out more about this ultimate birthday party please call Freephone 0800-01 88 118 and ask for the Platinum party department.

Pick The Package That Is Right For You And Pay For It In Easy Monthly Instalments After Your Party At No Additional Cost using our Easy Payment Terms

No matter what you think is best for your child (one hour show, full party with Economy, Gold or Platinum packages) booking is easy, simply pick up the phone and call FREEPHONE 0800-01 88 118 and leave the rest to us.

You simply pay a small booking fee (typically £50) when you book (obviously this is taken off the quoted fee – it is not an additional charge). You can charge this to a credit or debit card if you wish.

We will get your confirmation pack in first class post within 24 hours and then you can sit back and wait for the fun to start.

As Promised Here Is Your Special Surprise Bonus For You…

As a special thank you for reading this letter all the way through to here, I would like to gift you a second party (or show) at half price. Use it for a 2nd child in your family, save it for next year or share it with a friend – your choice. Simply call us for details and to arrange it if you want to.

All you pay for the second show is the booking fee of £50; the balance is sorted on the day of the second show.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Kevin Grey
Office Manager

P.S. EVERYTHING we do is covered by our guarantee, you must be off the scale pleased with all that we do for you, or you simply say so on the day and Mr Mysto will cancel your bill.

P.P.S. Choose between a no frills one hour show or a whole party with a choice of packages.

P.P.P.S. Mr Mysto has current CRB certificate and all the appropriate insurances.

P.P.P.P.S. Recent client references are available all the time, simple ask and we will happily provide as many as you want.

P.P.P.P.P.S. You really can arrange Mr Mysto, the leading children’s magician in the area to perform your second party at half price, all you do is call Freephone 0800 – 01 88 118 and our party advisers will explain all.

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What Ali Bongo Says

Previous Clients have written in their 100's...

The mother of Hannah, who was one of your assistants, was amazed that her shy daughter accepted your invitation and helped you so eagerly, you obviously have a special charm that puts children at ease.

Mrs Allington - SW London

Thank you for coming to my party to do my party to do some magic for me and my friends.

Love from Alexander - aged 5

Bethan and her friends were thoroughly delighted when she made the white rabbit.

Mrs Allsopp - Redhill, Surrey

Thank you for making Hannah's party such a memorable one - she thoroughly enjoyed it. You took care of so much of the hard work for us that we enjoyed it too.

Mr & Mrs Barnes - Reigate, Surrey

Thank you for a lovely party, your magic was very good and the children loved it.

Love Sarah aged 4

Thank you for making my party very special for me and my friends.

Love from Katryna - aged 5

Thank you enormously! Thank you humongously! Thank you tremendously (Just can't thank you enough) for my wonderful party.

Laura Jayne (and her mum) - Wallington, Surrey

Thank you for your efforts on Sunday, you really made Isaac's party special. I am still trying to work out how you did the trick in the kitchen with the coins.

Mr Eastwood - Thames Ditton, Surrey

We couldn’t believe that such young children actually sat and watched your show for over an hour as they are a pretty lively lot.

Mrs Stratford - Twickenham, Middlesex

Thank you for coming to my fifth birthday party, my friends and I had a wonderful time.

Love Luca aged 5

Jessica adored her party thank you.

Penny - Fetcham, Surrey

Thank you so very much for a wonderful party for Jack & Mia. For us it was a completely enjoyable and stress free day.

Caroline Rudoni

The efficient way you ran the party took all the worry away from us.

Mrs Hill - New Malden, Surrey

It was a real joy to see Alice giggling away and loving every minute.

Mrs Carver - Cheam, Surrey

Your program was brilliant, the children just loved it. I have never seen my son so carefree with so many people around.

Mrs Eadie - Sutton, Surrey

Nicole was very pleased and surprised that she made a rabbit appear.

Miss Hoare - Carshalton, Surrey

The next day the teachers said how good it had been for the children and how pleased they were at how they had reacted.

Mrs Mayo - Woking, Surrey

It was so nice seeing the kids laugh from their bellies. The parents who were there have raved about you.

Cindy Paul Tehya and Caitlin - Epsom, Surrey

Just wanted to thank you again for such a great party, it really was brilliant. The children were full of it and my cheeks have only just stopped aching from smiling!!

Debbie Lawton - Ewell, Surrey

Simon has been talking about being Mr Mysto ever since his party and you obviously made it a day to remember for him.

Mrs Wood - Reigate, Surrey

Many thanks you to all involved for making my daughter birthday a great success.

Pauline Carter - Weybridge, Surrey

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