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A Brand New, Novel And Magical Experience For The Young Adult In Your Family, Here’s What We’ve Got In Store For Your Older Children, And Their Friends…

What do you do with 10 to 13 year olds these days, which marks their special day, without costing the earth, which involves their best friends, whilst keeping them in a safe, happy and fun environment? Here’s the simple and mouth watering answer for you…

Dear Visitor,

Invite your young adult’s very closest and most fun friends to enjoy the experience they will remember for a very long time. Here is what I have arranged for your young adult and those lucky chosen friends…

The event kicks off with some stunning Close Up magic. They will see a bank note change value right before their eyes. See playing cards do some truly spectacular things and be found in the most amazing and unfathomable places.

You will see all the audience, scratching their heads as the magic unfolds right before their eyes and you will experience the most mind blowing piece of magic as a coin (your coin if you wish) penetrates one of your solid saucers and then you’ll hear it land in the cup below (without leaving a mark on the saucer). This effect regularly draws gasps from audiences and it will do with you too.

It has taken Mr Mysto 38 years of practise to make the effect what it is today, a truly unbelievable effect that leaves every audience that sees it stunned.

The whole performance will be punctuated with gags, jokes and banter with the audience to make them laugh and giggle whilst being astonished at the wonder that unfolds before them.

Mr Mysto packs in more magic into one hour than you ever dreamed possible, using up to 17 different items to perform his magic.

You will see performed the same material as Mr Mysto uses for the large number of corporate and other adult events he attends each year. You will not see magic more suited to a children’s show. What you do see is specially selected material, designed for an audience of young adults.

Mr Mysto himself has two children in this age group and knows exactly what works well for them and their friends and has crammed in as much as possible for your party.

Mr Mysto is a life member of The Magic Circle and has reached the highest level, Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star. He regularly appears in The Magic Circle shows and is six times Surrey Close Up Magic champion including the current holder.

This means the experience you enjoy will be of the very highest standard and remembered by all your guests for a long time to come.


The Fun Goes On…

After the Close Up magic is over all the youngsters will be so fired up and wanting to do magic themselves, so that is exactly what happens.

Mr Mysto will teach them the “Lie Detector Test”. A card trick that Mr Mysto has performed for many years, and taught to 100’s of young adults (and older ones). The audience looks at, remembers, and then returns to the pack a selected card. Mr Mysto asks a series of questions and spells the answers given (the answers given by the audience could be lies or the truth, it is up to them).

Mr Mysto deals one card onto the table for each letter of the answer given i.e. Mr Mysto deals six cards if the answer given is ‘Spades’ but only five cards if the answer is ‘Clubs’.

At the end of the process, the chosen card is ALWAYS on the top of the pile and a variety of ways can be used to reveal it.

Mr Mysto fully explains this professional quality effect and then invites all the guests to have a go. Everyone will leave your party with the necessary cards and a full instruction sheet just in case they should ever forget the method and need to remind themselves.

By this stage questions will be forming in the minds of the guests. How did you get into magic? How do you join The Magic Circle? What are the funniest things that have happened to you? Have you worked for the rich and famous? And many more.

Guests ask Mr Mysto one question and a follow up if they wish. Mr Mysto makes this a fun and memorable part, recounting stories and giving interesting and informative information.

To round off the party, you will see your birthday child (or a chosen friend) floating on the back of a chair. Mr Mysto places two chairs facing each other, pops a board across the top and then assists the helper on to the board. When they are lying flat and comfortable, Mr Mysto will remove one of the chairs and then for good measure will take away the board as well, leaving the volunteer floating in mid air.

This effect is perfectly safe, but is none-the-less fascinating and very magical, even the helper will not know how it is done.

You can arrange to have your party on any day that suits you. It could be after school or at the weekend. The normal length is 2 hours leaving time to eat, but could, during the week (Monday to Thursday), be crammed into an hour saving you some money.


Look what this recent client said, just one of many such letters received…

Dear Mr Mysto,

I just had to write and say a huge thank you for your efforts last Thursday night at Jonathan’s 13th birthday party. Having done, in the past, all there is to do for his birthday, your letter sparked an idea that sounded great fun and very interesting. Well you certainly lived up to the billing; in fact, the reality was even better than we expected.

The children were absorbed for every minute you were here and I have never heard this bunch of cynics laugh and giggle so much ever.

The feed back since the party has been truly remarkable with almost every youngster calling to thank us for the party and saying how much they had enjoyed it. Jonathan is showing the card trick to everyone he meets.

I would certainly recommend you at each and every opportunity and would welcome information about the other events you put on.

Thank you again you were worth every penny.

Best wishes
Hazel Brown

All this fun can be generated for a surprisingly small fee.

To check the availability, the fee in your area and any other information you may need simply call Freephone 0800 0188118, our Party Advisors are waiting for your call.

You receive an hour of stunning Close Up magic, the full workshop so that every person is able to do the trick, this includes the “Lie Detector” trick for each guest to take home and of course the levitation of your birthday person.

You can choose any time, but we will help you pick the best time for you.

If you prefer the one-hour option (Monday to Thursday) can save some money if you have other things planned to fit into your party.


One More Thing It’s Important...

It is important to Mr Mysto and to me that you enjoy your party as much as others have done in the past, clients like Hazel Brown, so Mr Mysto insists on giving you this 100% guarantee…

If for any reason what-so-ever, you don’t agree that the party Mr Mysto arranges for your young adult and the lucky chosen friends is truly memorable and different, that the magic is the best you have ever seen, that the youngsters were engaged, enthralled and entertained, that they laughed and were delighted with the show and that everything was to your complete satisfaction.

Then simply say so at the end of your party and Mr Mysto will cancel your bill and you will not owe a penny. There will be no questions asked and no hard feelings either.

This is your 100% guarantee of satisfaction or you do not pay a penny.

You want to make your youngsters birthday a truly memorable occasion. There are many things you could do, most of which have been done before and lack the sparkle of something new and different.

Don’t let the forthcoming birthday just go down as another birthday. You have a golden opportunity to create a birthday party that will be remembered for years by everyone else who attends.

On this NO-RISK, fully guaranteed basis, I urge you to call Freephone 0800 0188118 today or email your details to or fax them on 0871-990-2066

I will arrange all the details and confirm them in a written confirmation letter direct to you by return of post.

Anytime you wish, you can call (or write) to us with any questions and we will be happy to help and advise on any matter connected to your party.


Kevin Grey Signature

Kevin Grey
(Office Manager)

P.S. It is rare that an entertainer of the class of Mr Mysto is willing to entertain youngsters of this 10 to 13 year age group. It takes an advanced level of material, knowledge and experience, fortunately for you Mr Mysto has all three in abundance. Therefore, you have this wonderful opportunity to create a truly memorable party for your young adult.

P.P.S. Your party is fully guaranteed; if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied them simply say so at the end of the party and your bill will be cancelled in full with no questions asked.

P.P.P.S. Mr Mysto’s diary does fill up quite early, so I urge you to call today. We regularly have client’s that miss out because they call too late and I don’t want you to be one of them.

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